Porto Bay Hotel, Lisbon

Porto Bay Hotel, Lisbon
The CLAU collection was chosen for the Porto Bay Hotel in Lisbon. A boutique hotel with 98 rooms of exclusive luxury. Built from scratch by Porto Bay Hotels & Resorts, by the architect Frederick Valssassina, author of the architectural design for the renovation of the building, it preserves the historic façade of Lisbon's palaces since the turn of the 20th century, in a mix between the old and the contemporary.

On the other hand, the hotel's interior design project is a fundamental piece for its success and for this Porto Bay Hotel had the architect Paula Bianchi, belonging to the Bahia Porto Group. The architect was responsible for all the interior work of the hotel, for which she chose the CLAU collection by Pujol Iluminación and for whom the firm made a special design at the request of the project.

The aesthetics of pure lines and the pristine finish of CLAU were responsible for bringing an air of technological avant-garde to the atmosphere of the hotel rooms, enhancing the intention of offering a service where technology plays an important role in its operation. The CLAU body is adjustable and rotating and is equipped with an LED strip that distributes the light along its entire length, giving a warm and uniform light thanks to its color temperature of 3000K. The different versions of CLAU completed the lighting project of the rooms in a comprehensive way. P-56 tabletop CLAU, P-57 floor-standing CLAU and P-57/E floor-standing CLAU were the pieces chosen, resulting in the perfect set for perfect lighting.

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