Kozmo Hotel Suites & Spa, Budapest

Kozmo Hotel Suites & Spa, Budapest
The exclusive hotel has been designed by GCA Architects and they have relied on the professionalism of Pujol Iluminación to design exclusive personalized luminaires for each stay.

GCA Architects' luminaire designs are inspired by the historic elegance of the building. The large luminaires that he has manufactured exclusively for Kozmo become the center of attention. Unique pieces that embellish the architecture of the Hotel and enhance its elegance and design.

On this occasion, we can see totally different luminaires, pendant luminaires in the restoration area in gold that play with light and shadow. In the buffet area, however, we see a large luminaire created from the repetition of mini spotlights. Also in the rooms we can see table and floor lights, with a subtle but very elegant design.

Nothing is impossible for the firm, and project by project and challenge by challenge it demonstrates its ability to adapt and the high quality of its custom-made luminaires, which means that the most exclusive hotels can count on Pujol's professionalism to go from idea to reality.

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